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Jaryn leads our Heat Research business development activity.  He works closely with our subscribers and a diverse range of international companies to develop and extend the support Delta-ee provides to the industry.  Jaryn has over 12 years' experience in the clean technology and sustainability sectors, including seven years at the UK Energy Saving Trust.  At the EST he led the technology team, managing national-scale field trials of renewable and heating technologies including heat pumps, solar thermal and controls, and working with supply chain stakeholders to promote innovation in low carbon retrofit buildings. He has extensive experience of working with leading international heating companies and international utilites.  

Jaryn also has 5 years’ experience in consultancy and holds a BS degree (hons) in Business Administration and an MA (Distinction) in Sustainable Development.

Slow but steady growth predicted for the UK heat pump and electric heating industries


A key question we are often asked is, ‘what are the opportunities and impacts for my business in the new energy landscape’? Our Electrification of Heat Research Service has recently looked closely into this question for the UK from a variety of perspectives; and we’ve identified a number of key insights into the growing convergence between the heat and electricity sectors.

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