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Gaomin works as an analyst in Delta-ee’s Cambridge Office. She provides support to a wide range of services, but primarily focuses on Heat Insight Service, helping clients gain better understanding of UK heating market. She also has expertise in new business models of peer-to-peer energy and market flexibility in UK.

Gaomin holds MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge as well as MEng in Environmental Engineering from the University of Melbourne. She also holds two bachelor’s degrees in engineering from Tongji University in China and Monash University in Australia.

Residential demand response: releasing great potential in the next 5 years

Demand side response as an effective approach to shift peak load and reduce network congestion, has been perceived as a promising trend for energy management and supply.

Residential demand response (DR) is starting to attract widespread attention, following on from steady growth in commercial and industrial demand response. We explore how developed residential DR is, and the size and nature of the opportunity.

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