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What do customers think about smart thermostats?

The latest Connected Home Service customer survey investigated understanding, appeal and willingness to pay for connected heating controls and services.  Our sample consisted of 800 homeowners in the UK, the Netherlands, France, Germany and Italy.

Awareness and price sensitivity for smart thermostats are low

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ISH 2019: The 10 key trends our experts expect to see for electrification, gas heating & the connected home

Next week Frankfurt Messe will open its doors for the 2019 edition of ISH, the leading HVAC trade fair in Europe. Some of Delta-ee’s experts in the field will attend the exhibition and we have asked them what they expect to see at this year’s trade fair. (To arrange a meeting please get in touch with the relevant contact shown below.)

Electrification of Heat & Heat Pumps (Contact: Cate Lyon, Lukas Bergmann)

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Germany's Heat Pump Market Grew 51% since 2015 – but can the party keep going?

Germany’s hydronic heat pump market has seen a couple of excellent years. Following growth rates of 18% in both 2016 and 2017 the market grew by another 8% in 2018, an increase of 51% over 2015. But is that party coming to an end? Many indicators are pointing in this direction.

Recap: A market both driven and held back by subsidies & regulations

Two factors drove the German heat pump market in the last three years: a change to the building regulations taking effect in 2016 as well as a change in subsidies in 2015. This combination created the perfect storm for heat pumps. But the success may be built on thin ice, as subsidy applications equivalent to 50-80% of all installations were made in 2017.

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Decarbonised Heating and Cooling: Don’t forget the customer

Image from Decarb Heat

Slowly, but very surely, the EU is getting us used to the idea of a fully decarbonised heating and cooling sector across Europe. It’s a bold and necessary objective which has profound implications for companies right across the energy sector. 

But is the European Commission going about it the right way?  

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Key takeaways from the Energy Storage Global Conference

Last week I attended the Energy Storage Global Conference (ESGC18) in Brussels, organised by the European Association for the Storage of Energy (EASE). It was a very well organised and enjoyable event but as always, content is king, and the conference certainly delivered on this front too.

There were lots of interesting presentations over three days, and Delta-ee Director Andy Bradley had the opportunity to present headlines from our EMMES 2.0 report published in June. See here for details of the EMMES 2.0 report and contact [email protected] if you would like a copy of the presentation.

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European district heat networks – booming asset prices but a flat market. What’s going on?

Heat networks have been around a very long time – group heating systems date back to the 14th century in France. However, while the sector boomed from the 1930s and again from the 1970s, Europe has seen only very modest expansion in recent years. This is not a growth market. And yet the underlying assets, the heat generation and distribution systems, continue to be highly sought after by investors.  We know this because we have helped clients seek them out.   

Can this apparent contradiction tell us something about the future of this sector? Is it fated to flat-line and fade, or can it boom again and be a core part of the transition to the new energy world?  Understanding the future of heating markets is a core part of Delta-ee’s research so this is an important question for us.

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