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David joined Delta-ee in 2017 and manages the Customer Data Value advisory service, which helps our clients navigate this complex and dynamic area to become more customer centric.  He is focused on helping energy businesses identify how customer understanding and data can drive positive change and value. David is a specialist in consumer insight and data, and its application to business intelligence, proposition development, customer experience and marketing strategy.

He draws from experience in multiple sectors, including most recently 5 years at Centrica as a consumer insight lead, adding significant value to customer and business alike. David holds an MBA with distinction from the Bradford University School of Management.


Driving energy efficiency with smart meter data

It’s fantastic to see BEIS (the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy) launching their Smart Energy Savings (SENS) Innovation Competition, a £6.25 million innovative competition to drive residential energy efficiency in the UK using smart meter data

Energy retailers have historically used a variety of old-school techniques to help their residential customers reduce energy consumption. These include reactive initiatives like nPower’s energy efficiency helpline, or proactive like E.ON’s energy use quiz, or an email newsletter containing generic energy efficiency advice like The Source from British Gas, or outbound phone energy efficiency campaigns.

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Behavioural science – the simple techniques you can apply to accelerate customer engagement in the energy sector

Customer engagement is a challenge for the energy sector, embodied by European energy retailers operating in competitive markets. But companies can accelerate their customer engagement initiatives by incorporating simple, cost-effective techniques borrowed from the world of behavioural science.

Customer engagement is a high priority, but where’s the return on investment?

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Emotional factors play an increasingly important part in customer engagement

Following the success of last year’s event in Berlin, we hosted another European Digital Energy Summit to continue the discussions we had twelve months ago. The Edinburgh event brought together a record-breaking number of attendees and we even saw a bit of sunshine in the Scottish capital! Most importantly, we saw a breadth and depth of insightful, intriguing and inspiring discussion from a wide range of stakeholders.

If you didn’t manage to come to the event, don’t worry – there’s always next year! Plus, we’ve brought together the key messages from the two days, which focused on Customer Data Value and the Connected Home.

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6 ways to make energy consumption data engaging

How many Western Europeans will be regularly using energy insight tools in 5 years? By energy insight tools I’m referring to the devices, often apps, which allow energy customers to see, monitor and act on their energy consumption.

Well, according to industry experts, it’s a staggering 65 million households!

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Deeper customer thinking is needed to develop successful energy insight propositions


Clever stuff is being developed in the world of energy insights. That's the name given to products (usually app or web based) that help households understand where their energy consumption and costs go to provide greater transparency of their bills, and help determine how they might go about modifying their behaviour to reduce their bills should they wish.

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