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Arthur has 7 years’ experience in the energy transition market and has deep expertise in the fields of connectivity, customer innovation, heat and energy services. He is working across Europe, North America and Australia, with a wide range of clients, from large corporate energy or tech companies, to small innovative start-ups disrupting the new energy field. Arthur is a regular speaker on the European new energy conference circuit and a recognised thought leader of the connected home industry.

In 2019, Arthur set up the Paris office of Delta-EE, where he is leading a team of analysts and business developers. His primary role is to accelerate the development of Delta-EE activities in France and in the rest of continental Europe.

He is also involved in a wide range of activities in Delta-EE including directing strategy projects, developing new business ideas, marketing Delta-EE’s content, managing a subscription product and doing business development.

Arthur holds an MSc of renewable energy engineering and a BSc of mechanical and energy engineering, from Heriot Watt University.

The Home Energy Management market is ready for take off

We have been analysing the Home Energy Management (HEM) space for over a decade at Delta-EE, and the market has come a long way.

10 years ago, energy suppliers were providing energy monitoring devices (or in-home displays) to their customers, in a hope to make them understand their consumption and save energy as a result. That’s what the industry called HEM at the time. History told us however that customers quickly lose interest for these devices, as once you have the information, there isn’t much you can do on an ongoing basis with it.

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Why remote diagnostics should be on top of the agenda for any heating company

There are over 75M boilers installed in Western Europe today, and the annual boiler installation market accounts for around €8B. Out of all the boilers installed, around a quarter have a maintenance and/or repair contract, giving a market value of around €2B, excluding all the replacement parts and uncontracted repairs or maintenance.

Connectivity and digitalisation of boilers will transform this market and reshuffle the cards between all the players. It will take time, but signs of this transformation are already visible, with giant heating servicing companies like British Gas and Engie Home Services betting on connectivity to enable remote monitoring and diagnostics of their boilers.

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Could Home Energy Management be the next big connected home opportunity?


Delta-ee first published a study on Home Energy Management (HEM) back in 2010. We didn’t know it yet but this was the dawn of the connected home market, with companies like Nest starting to get some momentum in the US, and Alert Me who would later be acquired by Centrica.

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Energy insight services: innovate rapidly or die slowly

Customers couldn’t care less about energy. Electrons from company X have no more value than those from company Y. 

So far, the main differentiators between energy suppliers were:

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Australia: why energy companies have a unique opportunity to lead its connected home market


The US and the European connected home markets have taken off. There is (almost) no debate about this as millions of homes are equipped every year with connected home products. You would think that a developed and English speaking country such as Australia would be on top of this trend. But that’s not the case.

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Delta-ee's take on CES 2017

More than just a big futuristic tech show, the CES is a perfect occasion to review where the connected home industry is at and what the market might look like in the next year or two. However, if you follow the connected home market like us, there was no major surprise in Vegas this year. The main takeaways from the event were the growth of the leading US service providers and the development of the retail market via cameras, thermostats, voice control and home automation. There are also some interesting trends in the market with additional user interfaces, the hype around connected door locks and the much cheaper products coming from China. Finally, we saw a few start-ups which developed solutions particularly interesting for the energy markets.

The leading US service providers are growing their customer base and adding more use cases to their portfolio

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