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Alexander joined Delta Energy & Environment in 2018 to help develop a research service dedicated to the interface between electric vehicles and the energy sector. Alexander is an electric vehicles specialist who has been researching the decarbonisation of transport for over five years. Before joining, Alexander worked at the UK’s Energy Saving Trust delivering a number of projects to support electric vehicle adoption. He has led electric vehicle trials and delivered research on barriers to adoption and charge point network requirements.

Alexander holds an MSc in Carbon Management from the University of Edinburgh and a BSc (Hons) in Geography with Environmental Management from the University of Exeter.

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The arrival of HPC – A flash in the plug or a flash in the pan?

Matching supply with customer demand is a similar challenge for traditional electricity network players and those entering the world of eMobility.

Electricity grids are designed to accommodate peak electricity demand so that the lights stay on during that coldest of frosty evenings in mid-winter. At the same time, car companies are exploring how to bring their brand-new electric vehicles to a market where customers expect to drive that one long-distance journey to visit relatives each year without running out of fuel.

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Vehicle-2-Grid leaps towards commercialisation, but it is not there yet

Earlier this year, my colleague Philippa Hardy wrote about the launch of OVO Energy’s Vehicle-2-Grid charger. This Vehicle-2-Grid (V2G) charger is set to be used in project Sciurus, one of eight Innovate UK V2G demonstration projects launched this year. From this summer, the projects will begin distributing thousands of these units across the UK, as the largest ever deployment of V2G technology across Europe.

While exciting and poised to revolutionise electricity markets, V2G remains at this demonstration phase rather than being fully ‘commercialised’. We recently reviewed the current status of this V2G market and in this blog we share some key findings.

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Are Electric Vehicles changing BP’s business model?

Image: BP

BP has announced the purchase of the UK’s largest charge point supplier and operator, Chargemaster. It is the latest in a string of acquisitions in the battle for the Electric Vehicle (EV) customer and BP appears to follow in the footsteps of Shell, its key oil major rival. What then does the EV business mean for the business model of an oil major?


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