Product Sales and Forecasts Databases

Connected Home Sales Database

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"All the data you need to make decisions on strategies and tactics in the connected home energy market" - Arthur Jouannic, Connected Home expert

This database provides:

  • EU level forecast 2015-2022
  • country level forecast 2015-2022
  • sales by manufacturer 2015-2019
  • country sales channels 2015-2019
  • connected heating controls, connected cooling controls, remote diagnostic systems, home automation products, Home Energy Management Systems

Distributed Power Sales and Forecasts

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"With the help of our database you can make the best strategic decisions on which countries and what applications, you should focus your gas engine sales efforts" - Silvestros Vlachoupolos, Distributed Power expert

This database provides:

  • gas engine figures from our country reports and Global Statistics report
  • annual installed capacity
  • installed units
  • typical applications
  • total installed base capacity 

European Heating Market Landscape

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"All the data you need to understand the segmentation of the current residential heating market, to inform strategy and tactics" - Lindsay Sugden, Heat expert

This database provides:

  • Residential heating market statistics for France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands from 2015 onwards
  • housing stock characteristics
  • installed base and annual sales of heating systems
  • energy costs, suppliers and meters/controls
  • heating system maintenance/insurance contracts

European Market Monitor on Energy Storage (EMMES)

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"The EMMES report is the definitive analysis of European energy storage markets" - Philippa Hardy, Energy Storage expert

This database provides:

  • the status and trends of European energy storage markets across the residential, commercial and industrial (C&I) and Front-of-Meter segments.

Electrification of Heat Market Forecast Database

heat pump database information and graphs

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"Forecast data on the evolution of heat pump sales in key European markets to inform your heat pump strategy" - Lindsay Sugden, Heat expert

This database contains information on the current sales and future forecast sales of electrically-driven heating in key European markets, including Germany, France, UK, Italy and the Netherlands. Includes sales and forecasts for air/water heat pumps, GSHPs, air/air heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps and other electrically driven heating. (Technology breakdown varies by market)

Home Energy Management Database

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"Understanding the market and opportunities for managing the electricity flows in the home" - Arthur Jouannic, Home Energy Management expert

This database provides:

  • sales of solar PV, battery storage, electric heating and EV chargepoints

Micro-CHP Products and Sales Database

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"All the data and insight you need on micro-CHP products to understand the competitive landscape and develop your high efficiency gas heating strategies." - Lindsay Sugden, Heat expert

This database provides:

  • key companies developing and selling high efficiency gas heating appliances
  • both residential and small commercial markets

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