Policy and Regulations Databases

Electrification of Heat Regulations Database

data from the electrification of heat regulations database

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“All the policy & regulations insight you need to make strategic decisions about your electric heating offering” - Lindsay Sugden, Heat expert

This database provides:

  • information on key regulations, taxes, subsidies and standards affecting electrically-driven heating technologies in Europe, both for new build and retrofit.

Local Energy Systems Policy and Regulations Database

data from the local energy systems regulations database

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"We help our clients follow the changes in regulatory frameworks across Europe for all types of Local Energy Systems."Rita Desmyter, Local Energy Systems expert

This database provides:

  • A long list of all relevant local energy systems regulations
  • Our summary and views of the regulations
  • Information on which particular topic it covers (e.g. collective self-consumption, peer to peer, export incentives, climate targets etc.)
  • Details on which companies are impacted (e.g. customers, DSOs, TSOs, energy suppliers etc.)
  • Specific information on country, start / end dates and values if applicable

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