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Energy Insights Customer Engagement Database

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"We enable you to better understand what’s going on in the world of energy insights. Such data can be used to inform your strategy to better engage energy customers." - David Trevithick, Energy Customer Engagement expert

This database tracks:

  • Information on market shares by energy suppliers across Europe
  • Number of electricity and gas customers per company and switching rates
  • Key customer engagement metrics such as monthly app users and downloads, time spent per App, App rating and more
  • Country comparison across Europe

New Energy Business Models Database

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"We are tracking over 350 innovative business models in the new energy market. Our clients use this to understand what works and what doesn’t, to inform their innovation strategies." - Andy Bradley, Director

This database:

  • Provides a long list of over 350 new energy business models across Europe and beyond
  • Gives details on the country, the customer target and on the how the business model works
  • Uses our 6 business models pillars (time of use optimisation, marketplace operations, energy as a service, efficient consumption, lifestyle products, bundling) to categorise each business model

Electric Vehicles Charging Provider Database

database showing EV charging across Europe

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"A comprehensive overview of all the players involved in the chargepoint market across Europe" - John Murray, Electric Vehicle expert

Use this database to:

  • define the key roles in EV charging
  • look up particular companies and organisations
  • understand who is participating in which territories
  • discover partnerships, acquisitions and investments.

Residential demand response database

database showing demand response players market information

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"We track information about most of the companies playing in the European residential demand response market" - Philippa Hardy, Demand Side Flexibility expert

This database provides information on:

  • The values accessed by each of the players
  • The types of assets they are connected to
  • The installed base of their assets in the field

Demand response partnerships database

database showing demand response partnerships

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"We provide an overview of some of the partnerships, acquisitions and investments we've seen" - Philippa Hardy, Demand Side Flexibility expert

This database provides information on:

  • Relationship between companies
  • Customer targets
  • Investments in the company

Gas & Hybrid Heat Pumps

database showing gas and hybrid heat pumps

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"All the data and insight you need on hybrid heat pump and gas heat pump products to understand the competitive landscape and develop your high efficiency gas heating strategies." - Lindsay Sugden, Heat expert

This database covers:

  • key companies developing and selling high efficiency gas heating appliances - gas heat pumps and hybrid heat pumps - targeted mainly at the residential market.

Smart Meter Solutions Database

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"A must-have resource for anyone with responsibility for customer solutions that use smart meter data" - David Trevithick, Energy Insights expert

This database provides:

  • a list of innovative businesses that Delta-EE has identified through its research that are using smart meter data to change relationships between energy providers and customers.

Hydrogen for Heating Projects Database

hydrogen for heating database

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"Get a complete oversight over hydrogen for heat activities in Europe" - Lindsay Sugden, Head of Heat

This database provides:

  • a summary of projects (in Europe and the rest of the world) designed to use hydrogen to heat buildings.

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