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Keeping your finger on the pulse of European energy storage opportunities

STOREtrack offers a unique combination of:

  • Access to LCP Delta’s live energy storage database. STOREtrack users never have to wait for the next update, they always have access to the latest data available.  Our research team is continuously updating the database, meaning users always have access to our latest data, enabling them to have their finger on the pulse of development in the European energy storage market.
  • An intuitive visualisation and user interface. STOREtrack builds off LCP Delta’s market leading Enact, allowing users to explore, analyse and extract data on energy storage markets and projects across Europe.

STOREtrack builds on LCP Delta’s comprehensive dataset tracking the status of storage projects across Europe, allowing users to:

  • Track aggregate trends in storage MW, MWh and duration across countries.
  • Deep dive into specific projects and identify owners, optimisers, financers, grid connections and planning status.
  • Map the competitive landscape through project portfolios; existing, under construction and planned projects; project roles and business development opportunities. 
  • Answer pre-defined, business critical questions such as “which assets are being built that do not yet have an optimiser”
  • Export aggregate data and graphics to support stakeholder engagement and fundraising. 
  • Explore the full spectrum of battery and non-battery technologies at various scales, from grid-scale to commercial, industrial and residential.

STOREtrack enables users to identify and focus on the best opportunities for the European energy storage market.

Track aggregate trends

Users can define their own geographical region through selecting the countries of interest, and map the aggregate trends in power capacity (MW), energy storage capacity (MWh) as well as the number of projects being completed.

Identify the key players in the market and the role they play

Our energy storage database has information on the stakeholders involved in each project and the role they are playing.  This enables us to build up a detailed understanding of the competitive landscape and rankings for the top companies in each activity area of the energy storage business.

  • Financiers: who is/ has funded the battery asset.
  • Developer: who is / has built the asset.
  • Technology provider: who is / has supplied the battery technology.
  • Operator: who is managing and operating the battery asset.
  • Trader: who is trading the asset in wholesale and balancing markets.
  • Owner: who is the current owner.

Understand the competitive landscape and company portfolios

Energy storage is a team sport – successful projects are those that bring together the right combination of assets and partners.  Identifying the right partners to work with is one of the most important decisions to get right.  STOREtrack data enables deep dives into projects and company portfolios to support this decision making.

Identify assets that require financing or are likely to be available for sale in the near term

STOREtrack has a user interface that allows users to filter the project data, looking for future projects that are still in planning stage – and are opportunities for those seeking projects.