Energy Research Data

Product Sales and Forecasts

Our sales data helps you make decisions on strategies and tactics in the market relevant to your business. We hold detailed data on:

  • the connected home market
  • distributed power market
  • the European heating market landscape
  • energy storage in Europe
  • the electrification of heat market
  • home energy management and more
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Companies, projects and propositions

Our data on companies in the energy industry includes:

  • Local Energy Systems Projects
  • Energy Insights Solutions
  • New Energy Business Models
  • Electric Heating Key Players
  • Residential Heating Propositions
  • EV Charging Providers
  • Residential Demand Response
  • Demand Response Partnerships
  • Gas & Hybrid Heat Pumps
  • Smart Meter Customer Solutions
  • Hydrogen for Heating

Customer Research

Our new energy insight customer database is one of the most extensive customer research projects testing new energy offerings across Europe.

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Policy & Regulations

Our policy and regulations databases help you follow the changes in regulatory frameworks across Europe and inform the strategic decisions you make in your business.

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Energy Prices & Markets

Our energy prices data allows clients to better understand their opportunities in certain markets.