Oil & Gas Majors

For oil and gas majors, the energy transition in the downstream market is beginning to be recognised as a potential future opportunity for their businesses.

LCP Delta helps oil majors learn quickly about what technologies and business models they could engage with, influence and have success with within a rapidly changing market undergoing a significant transition – particularly on the intersection between transport and heating.

We have supported oil majors in a number of ways, including accelerating and building up knowledge within the organisation themselves, quickly building their skills and understanding required to make decisions on an unfamiliar market.

Oil refinery in morning
Oil pipeline in industrial district with factories at dusk

We have identified what technologies and business models are most appropriate for their engagement today and into the future.

In so doing we are supporting companies in their investment decisions via partnership screening or competitor analysis.

We identify value pools for energy companies and potential strategic options for energy companies to target, from service provision to selling technology – what should energy companies do, who they should target and what business models should they adopt.

Our projects explore the customer relationship – how to improve customer retention, utilise data and see off competition from new entrants and energy market disrupters. We help identify, understand and benchmark potential partners and routes to market in the rapidly changing, crowded market.

Andy Bradley, Director
Andy Bradley, Director

“We can help oil and gas majors navigate a new market and offer them a direction in which to focus their challenge to incumbents in the new energy space.

Our work focuses on supporting their understanding of the whole new energy space – including technology propositions and business models in which they should engage to support their long-term strategic aims, leveraging our deep understanding of the market.”

CAse Studies

Examples of our insight and collaboration

Aerial view of commercial warehouses and industrial factories

C&I Distributed Energy

The client wanted a better understanding of the UK’s commercial and industrial (C&I) customer segments, along with market sizing and forecasts, competitor landscapes, and recent investment examples (M&A) within the distributed power, heat pump, district heating, and energy storage markets. C&I customer segments were broken down by sectoral energy consumption, energy intensity per premise (kWh / m2), typical floor area, occupancy hours and energy demand profiles.

Electric car being charged up using a public car charging station

eMobility Charging Strategy

A detailed investigation into UK EV charging business models. The investigation included research into EV charge point forecasts, business models and sales channels. The results helped inform and shape the client’s business strategy for domestic and public EV charging.

Electrical engineer working for the energy industry, supervising the condition of the Electrical Power Equipment in a wind turbines farm power station at night.

C&I EaaS target screening

The client has identified an opportunity to build a new Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) business with a focus on energy efficiency and management, storage, and demand response – targeting global industrial customers. The client had identified potential targets and begun early-stage due diligence on a preferred opportunity. LCP Delta was tasked to corroborate (or challenge) their internal thoughts. Specifically, the client wanted an independent view and analysis on identifying the top independent and ideally non-listed companies with significant business in the UK or US that most closely met the client’s criteria as potential M&A opportunities to help fulfil its aim.