Consultancy for Energy Services Providers

Traditional operation and maintenance services and energy procurement services have characterised the energy services market for many years, but the energy transition, growing customer engagement with energy, and increasing pressure on customers (in particular C&I customers) to decarbonise is leading to customers expecting and engaging with more holistic services and more outcomes focused services.

Energy services and solution providers are expanding their offerings (exploring e.g. Heat as a Service or Energy as a Service offerings) and are increasingly moving towards offering X-as-a Service to meet the wide and varied needs of their customers, and to be the one-stop-shop for their customers.

These new and emerging service offerings are more complex, can carry more risk and require business models to evolve. We are seeing more ‘verticals’ coming together (energy, technology manufacturing, insurance, financing, connectivity / communication, etc.) and more complex business models and partnerships developing.

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Energy services providers need to understand how policy and regulations will influence actions of their customers, how future consumption and technology deployment will evolve, the needs and expectations of their customers, and the appeal of different service offerings.

We help energy services providers understand customers – needs, pain points, willingness to spend, preferences for types of offerings – and which customer segments are most relevant for different offerings. We also support energy services providers in understanding the current and potential future value available in Services markets. Covering different countries, service offering types, end customer segments, the evolving value chain and where they should be active within it.

We identify potential strategic options for energy services, from service provision to business model to potential partnerships – what should they do, who should they target, where, and what business models should they adopt.

Our projects explore the breadth of service offerings currently available and emerging, customer appetite for services, the competition, market value. We help identify, understand and benchmark key players in the rapidly changing, crowded market.

Stephen Harkin
Stephen Harkin, Head of Consulting

The Energy Services landscape is evolving and becoming more complex. Customers are more engaged than ever with energy, are expecting more holistic service offerings and with growing pressure on them to decarbonise, we expect customer demand for more complete service offerings grow rapidly.

Energy solution providers are increasingly exploring the need to, and how to, expand their service offering to remain relevant for their customers and to remain or become a trusted one-stop-shop. Remaining close to customers to understand their needs, wants and expectations, building the right partnerships, skills and capabilities, and staying on top of policy, regulations and technology developments will be key to developing the right solutions

CAse Studies

Examples of our insight and collaboration

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B2C Energy Service Product repositioning strategy

LCP Delta helped the client by reviewing its existing B2C Services Roadmap and carrying out analysis on the key markets it was exploring.  We helped the company understand the wider home services market, the key battlegrounds, the future value potential in these markets and helped develop a framework for identifying the most relevant value creation opportunities. LCP Delta worked closely with different business units and group and strategy teams to support partnership opportunities and partnership screening.

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Global Energy Services Market Value

LCP Delta helped the client size the annual value of the global market for energy services contracts (in the C&I space) and how this value will change to 2030.  We covered a range of business model types including conventional energy services, corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs), X-aaS models, etc. The study included end-use customer segmentation, covering markets across Europe, North & South America, Middle East and Asia Pacific.  This project is being used to support the client’s internal business planning.

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C&I EaaS target screening

The client has identified an opportunity to build a new Energy-as-a-Service (EaaS) business with a focus on energy efficiency and management, storage, and demand response – targeting global industrial customers. The client had identified potential targets and begun early-stage due diligence on a preferred opportunity. LCP Delta was tasked to corroborate (or challenge) their internal thoughts. Specifically, the client wanted an independent view and analysis on identifying the top independent and ideally non-listed companies with significant business in the UK or US that most closely met the client’s criteria as potential M&A opportunities to help fulfil its aim.