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What we do

LCP Delta’s consultancy provides clients with the insight, advice and strategic support they need to navigate the energy transition.

We leverage and bring together expertise from across LCP Delta to provide bespoke support and insight to clients. We’ve successfully delivered consulting support and advice to over 100 clients, including many of Europe’s largest energy retailers, network companies, generation utilities, global blue-chip equipment manufacturers, policy makers, financial institutions, and technology companies and innovators.

Our projects are designed to meet the specific needs of each client and can vary in size. We respond flexibly and creatively to your needs, creating the project that will answer your questions and provide you with the insights you need.

We are immersed in new energy and the energy transition – it’s our sole focus.

We want to make sure new energy succeeds faster and better and we help our clients make that happen via our flexible and creative approach.

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Advisory/Recommendations Based

How we operate

Working with you in your energy transition

We work closely with several core client groups to support them as they make the transition from ‘old energy’, high carbon and centralised, to ‘new energy’, low carbon, decentralised, and with a focus on service.

Learn more about how we help each type of company/organisation below.

Case studies

Examples of our work

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Opportunities to monetise flexibility and microgrids

Delta-EE produced a report covering the economic and business potential for flexibility services and microgrids. The report described the various types of flexibility service in European markets with details of potential revenue streams and business models. The section on microgrids explored the technical and economic value which can be gained from such bounded, private wire systems. It was presented at a client workshop where Delta-EE experts were available to respond to detailed questions and to help shape the client’s subsequent strategy development.

Forecasting deployment of heating systems to 2030 and 2050 in the UK

This ground-breaking report highlighted LCP Delta’s deep expertise in future policy scenario/market environment analysis and the impact on heating solutions. LCP Delta undertook detailed modelling and forecasting of deployment of different heating technologies, across around 50 building segment types, under different policy and regulatory scenarios.

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Electrification strategy workshop

LCP Delta facilitated a workshop with the client to assist and support them in their electrification strategy in two specific markets. The workshop included LCP Delta sharing knowledge and leading a discussion on the markets in terms of: role of stakeholders, need for flexibility, case studies, competitive landscape, identifying the client’s USP and how they can differentiate from the competition.

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Blockchain Position Paper Review

The client wanted to update its position paper on blockchain and wanted an independent critique of its view. In particular, the client wanted to understand if given today’s advances on blockchain – there are still critical limits on governance, scalability and technology that are limiting blockchain peer-to-peer (P2P) adoption. They also wanted to understand the various applications within the energy industry for blockchain.