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What we do

Delta-EE’s consultancy provides clients with the insight, advice and strategic support they need to navigate the energy transition.

We leverage and bring together expertise from across Delta-EE to provide bespoke support and insight to clients. We’ve successfully delivered consulting support and advice to over 100 clients, including many of Europe’s largest energy retailers, network companies, generation utilities, global blue-chip equipment manufacturers, policy makers, financial institutions, and technology companies and innovators.

Our projects are designed to meet the specific needs of each client and can vary in size. We respond flexibly and creatively to your needs, creating the project that will answer your questions and provide you with the insights you need.

We are immersed in new energy and the energy transition – it’s our sole focus.

We want to make sure new energy succeeds faster and better and we help our clients make that happen via our flexible and creative approach.

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Advisory/Recommendations Based

How we operate

Working with you in your energy transition

We work closely with several core client groups to support them as they make the transition from ‘old energy’, high carbon and centralised, to ‘new energy’, low carbon, decentralised, and with a focus on service.

Learn more about how we help each type of company/organisation below.

Case studies

Examples of our work

a heat pump in someone’s garden, by the side of their house

Positioning of hybrid heat pumps

Delta-EE benchmarked the positioning of gas hybrid heat pumps in core European countries across policy, product availability and commercial offerings. With this project, the client wanted to gain a better understanding of how they can support the drive of hybrids uptake in Europe, thus keeping gas network assets relevant.

Electric car being charged up using a public car charging station

eMobility Charging Strategy

A detailed investigation into UK EV charging business models. The investigation included research into EV charge point forecasts, business models and sales channels. The results helped inform and shape the client’s business strategy for domestic and public EV charging.

Financial technology concept featuring graphs and an icon of the globe

B2C Energy Service Product repositioning strategy

Delta-EE helped the client by reviewing its existing B2C Services Roadmap and carrying out analysis on the key markets it was exploring.  We helped the company understand the wider home services market, the key battlegrounds, the future value potential in these markets and helped develop a framework for identifying the most relevant value creation opportunities.  Delta-EE worked closely with different business units and group and strategy teams to support partnership opportunities and partnership screening.

map of Europe

Strategic market outlook study for heat pumps and chillers across 5 key European markets

Delta-EE helped the client evaluate whether or not it should extend its presence in the European heat pumps (and chiller) market, specifically looking at CH, DE, FR, IT & NL. As part of the study, Delta-EE analysed market trends and key drivers to forecast appliance uptake out to 2025. In addition, Delta-EE carried out an extensive competitor landscape analysis to clarify different manufacturer’s unique selling points (USPs), business models, product offerings, brand strength etc.