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The opportunities in the growing connected home market and how to capture them

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"Connectivity is becoming a new norm for most devices and appliances of the home, if not all. This Internet of Things revolution is happening very rapidly.

Connected climate controls and energy management are playing an essential role in this revolution. This creates an opportunity for anyone involved in selling energy, providing services (energy, heat etc.), or even selling products, to grow.

With this rather native market, a lot of questions are emerging. What technology choices do I have? How big is the market? How big is it going to get? What’s next? How can my business benefit? Where could I grow?

The connected home service is designed to help anyone who needs to make decisions in this space to have top of the art data, insights and opinions about the market."
Arthur Jouannic, Connected Home expert
  • What is the current state of the connected home market? 
  • How is the market evolving, what are the trends, and what opportunities show most promise? 
  • How are companies positioning themselves in the market, who is succeeding, and how?  
  • What are the most promising business models and propositions? 
  • How will home energy management evolve as the number of energy assets in homes increases?  

Delta-EE's Connected Home Service provides data, analysis, insights and opinion on how the connected home market is developing, enabling you to understand and capture the best opportunities. 

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Recently published reports

Standards & Protocols Currently Used In The New Energy Space
This reports lists and describes the different communication protocols, standards and initiatives addressing connectivity in the new energy sphere in Europe.
Connected Underfloor Heating
This report analyses the opportunity, progress and evolution of connected underfloor heating in the European residential market. The report summarises the installation base, the annual sales of connected underfloor heating, the major players & forecast.
Remote diagnostics 2020
This report analyses how the European remote diagnostics market evolved in 2019. The report covers the updated market size, competitor landscape and new route to market of remote boiler diagnostics. It also summarises the market development and competitor landscape of remote heat pump diagnostics.
Annual State of the Market (2020 report)
This Annual State of the Market 2020 report provides an assessment of how the European market developed in 2019, the current customer spend in connected home products, and the market forecasts until 2022. Products covered in this report:​ Smart thermostats​, Connected TRVs, Connected electric heating​, Remote boiler diagnostics, Connected A/C​, Connected underfloor heating​, Home energy management​, Connected lighting​, Smart plugs, Smart speakers.

Connected Home Sales Database

This database provides:

  • EU level forecast 2015-2022
  • country level forecast 2015-2022
  • sales by manufacturer 2015-2019
  • country sales channels 2015-2019
  • connected heating controls, connected cooling controls, remote diagnostic systems, home automation products, Home Energy Management Systems

Home Energy Management Database

This database provides:

  • sales of solar PV, battery storage, electric heating and EV chargepoints
example of home energy management database