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European Heat Pump Summit 2015 – a glimpse into the heart of Europe’s HP industry

As summer fades to an autumnal chill, we here at Delta-ee’s heat pump research service turn to heat pumps to help stave-off the coming winter blues, and our minds wander to thoughts of the biennial European Heat Pump Summit, the beating heart of the heat pump industry.

Heat pump technologies change, but the focus remains the same

Representing a meeting of like-minded HP professionals from Europe and further afield, the summit held this year in Nuremberg, Germany looks to foster insight amongst participants into the current research and market developments of the heat pump industry across Europe. Helping to foster that insight is Delta-ee’s Julian Jansen, presenting some of our latest findings into the rollout of Hybrid Heat Pumps, and whether they are living up to their market potential. He will highlight the findings of our analysis of the current market environment for hybrid heat pumps in key European markets, presenting the results of the first comprehensive survey of hybrids sales data.

This year’s summit is warming-up to hybrid and gas-driven heat pumps, giving them more emphasis and air-time than at the 2013 summit. However, the agenda of both past and the upcoming summits continues to be technology-driven, focusing on heat pump technology developments and performance reviews. Whilst certainly of vital importance to the industry, we at Delta-ee feel there needs to be more market-focused discussion beyond looking at sales statistics.

Looking beyond technology sales to the market environment may hold the key

So what lies beyond the sales data? We need to look at the underlying market challenges and what opportunities exist for players to expand customer adoption and acceptance of heat pumps throughout Europe. What policy and regulations are helping or hindering individual markets? What are consumers currently buying, and why? How can relationships with installers be leveraged to promote heat pumps amongst their customer-base, and drive wider awareness of the benefits of the technology?

These are just some of the questions we will be raising at the summit in Nuremberg on 20-21 October, and hope to generate constructive discussion and debate on what the future holds for heat pumps in Europe.

So what role do you think hybrid- and gas-driven heat pumps have to play in the future warmth of Europe? How do you think we can better engage European heating customers with heat pumps? Let us know or come and start a discussion with us at the European Heat Pump Summit in Nuremberg, 20-21 October. We hope to see you there!

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