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Delta-ee Gas Heating experts share European Market Insights with the world

Last week experts from Delta-ee’s Gas Heating Service contributed to discussions at key natural gas and fuel cell industry events – 1,000s of miles apart – in the US and Japan. It was a great opportunity to share Delta-ee’s latest research on two continents outside of Europe and sparked some interesting discussion with fellow delegates.

European perspective on decarbonisation and CHP

Research Service Manager Steven Ashurst attended and presented at the Energy Solutions Center’s Technology and Market Assessment Forum (TMAF) and CHP Conference in Miami. He spoke about how European countries are looking to decarbonise their heating sectors through the use of heat pump technologies, and how several are also exploring what role renewable hydrogen might play.

Following this, he talked about the learnings that can be taken from the development of the European CHP market by US companies looking to bring products to market. Click here to download Steven’s slides.

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The key take away from the week was the rapidly growing interest among many US utilities to remotely operate micro-CHP systems in customers’ homes for the purposes of demand response and to add a level of resiliency to the highly-strained energy system. The desire is much stronger than we have seen in Europe, and US products are being designed with this benefit firmly in mind.

Hydrogen and fuel cells state-of-play

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In Tokyo, Analyst Cate Lyon presented our latest financial analysis on the costs of decarbonising UK heating with either heat pumps or pure hydrogen boilers at the Fuel Cell Development and Information Centre’s (FCDIC) 7th international meeting. The event coincides with Tokyo’s Smart Energy Week and 15th Fuel Cell Expo – the largest such event on the global calendar. Cate’s slides are available to download here.

While Japan continues to lead the world in the deployment of stationary fuel cells, their neighbouring markets in Asia are starting to up their efforts as well; could China be next hot-spot for fuel cell activity?  This interest also presents a great opportunity for European electrolyser manufacturers to grow their share of the hydrogen production market.

Delta-ee is a recognised expert on the market for low carbon heating and CHP and has been providing in-depth research and analysis to clients in this area since 2004. Further information about our offerings can be accessed from the links below.

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