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"Since 2004, we have provided our clients with the leading information, analysis, insight and advice in emerging distributed energy markets. Our in-depth research helps our clients exploit opportunities in the change in energy markets from old to new energy and make the best decisions for their business.

We always go the extra mile for our clients, and pride ourselves on long-lasting, collaborative working relationships."
Andy Bradley, Delta-EE Director

Delta-EE provides research to the new energy industry through research services and bespoke consultancy projects, depending on the individual client's needs.

Our subscription research services specialise in a particular knowledge area, providing subscribers with reports throught the year and ongoing, in-depth research from a team of experts. For clients with more specific needs, our bespoke consultancy team works closely with clients to create a unique piece of work for them to ensure they receive the information and insight they need for their business.

With teams based in Edinburgh, Cambridge, London and Paris, we can work closely with you to find the solution which works best for you. Our expert knowledge combined with extensive consultancy experience makes us the leading advisors in heat, digital and distributed energy.

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Our company values are important to us in all the work we do. They were created by the team, for the team, with our clients in mind.

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