About Us

Who we are

Delta-EE was founded in 2004 and since then has grown to a team of over 50, based across Europe in the UK, France, Denmark and The Netherlands.

We are a diverse team from a variety of backgrounds including engineers, data analysts, environmentalists and more. All of us want to make a difference to the energy transition and accelerate the path to a low carbon future. 

We know it’s a complicated topic, and we’re here to help.

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As leading experts on the energy transition, we are the turn-to consultancy for in-depth research and ‘new energy’ expertise.

For seventeen years, we have provided our clients with the leading information, analysis, insight and advice in emerging distributed energy markets.  Our in-depth research helps our clients exploit opportunities in the change from old to new energy and make the best decisions for their business.

Our sole focus is providing research, analysis and expertise, with a focus from the customer end of the value chain, to help the energy sector best navigate the energy transition.

Our services allow clients to navigate the complicated world of the energy transition.

Through our subscription research services and bespoke consultancy projects we help businesses to:

Develop their business models

Know where to invest in the future

Understand their customers

Monitor the market in which they operate

Discover how energy markets are growing across Europe and worldwide

What we do

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Our subscription research services specialise in a particular knowledge area, providing clients with reports, data and opinions throughout the year and ongoing, in-depth research and support from a team of experts.

Subscribers receive ad hoc support from the research team, allowing them to fully understand the topic.

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How we work

What makes us different?

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Our research

Our subscription research, consultancy and data teams work together to provide you with the solution you need. You don’t need to spend time working out what you might need from us – we listen to your goals and aims and work out the best option for you.

We conduct our research through:

  • Primary research with our vast network of industry experts e.g. manufacturers, energy suppliers, network operators, Governments, energy service companies
  • Market data collection and forecasts
  • Customer research
  • Data analysis and modelling
  • Demonstration projects
  • Providing strategic advice and opinion

Our Approach

Research is presented by Delta-EE in an easy to digest, clear and impactful format. In many of our reports, we use a ‘Pyramid Thinking’ approach to carry out research and analysis and this is the main way in which we structure our thinking. The approach helps us to clearly articulate our questions and present conclusions and key messages in a simple, clear and powerful way for readers.

The quality of outputs is of primary importance to Delta-EE. We work closely with clients to ensure our deliverables – whether that is a report, whitepaper or database – meet your needs. Our reports are attractive, accessible and make illustrated with easily understood, clear graphics allowing the reader to quickly absorb key insights.