New Energy Business Model Service

Identifying and understanding alternative business models in the energy sector

What does the service provide?

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Grouped into 3 main areas, our research starts with grassroots primary research from our Business Model Database and case study analysis, profiling and getting under the skin of how emerging innovations are evolving. Synthesising into a framework to help understand all innovations in the market, this allows a deep dive into strategic reports, taking our foundational analysis and translating this into insight that supports and informs strategy.

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How does this research help you?

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Keep a finger on the pulse as the market transforms
Understand who's doing what with whom, and why - and so you can benchmark your own approach
Have a clear framework to assess, develop and evolve alternative business models
Identify the alternative business models that gain traction
Pivot your approach
Decide what to do next and translate your corporate vision into action

Who does this research help?

This research can help a wide range of industry stakeholders, including but not limited to:

bm product manufacturers

bm energy suppliers

bm technology companies

Product Manufacturers
Energy Suppliers
Technology Companies

bm new entrants

bm policy makers

bm investors

New entrants e.g. telcos, EVs
Policy Makers
Innovation and R&D
Proposition & Product Management
Sales & Business Development
Senior Management

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If you'd like to know more about Delta-EE's New Energy Business Model Service, contact the team:
Neil Atterbury

Neil Atterbury

Service Manager
Charmaine Coutinho

Charmaine Coutinho

Principal Analyst
Alix Weil

Alix Weil


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