'New Energy' Business Model Service

Evidence from the market to turn corporate vision into business action
Identifying and understanding alternative business models in the energy sector

Most players have strategies to transform their business in response to the transition towards a more customer centric, distributed and service-orientated energy market. But translating these strategies into action is not easy. The 'New Energy' Business Model Service provides three levels of support: strategy insight, business model assessments and a case study library,


The benefits

It will give you the evidence and insight to: 

  • Keep a finger on the pulse as the market transformation picks up pace
  • Understand who's doing what with whom, and why - and so you can benchmark your own approach
  • Have a clear framework to assess, develop and evolve alternative business models
  • Identify the alternative business models that gain traction
  • Pivot your approach

This research will help you decide what to do next, and to translate your corporate vision into action.

Watch the below video to learn more about what the service has to offer:


Strategic Insight

Key findings from our research for the senior management team

Regular concise slide decks
that translate and synthesise the detail into strategic language.

What are they key strategic insights from how new business models are emerging and what does this mean?

Energy is becoming a software business, not a hardware business. The energy company of the future is a software company as much as it is anything else.


strategic insight

bmrs arrows

bmrs arrows

Business Model Assessments

Understand how the new business models landscape is emerging

Focused reports analysing evidence from the market using Delta-ee's framework to evaluate how new business models are emerging - helping you keep your finger on the pulse of the market (who / what / why / how) and what you should do next.

bm assessment

bmrs arrows

bmrs arrows

Case studies

Detailed analysis of companies bringing new business models to market

A dynamic library of case studies. Primary research and deep insight into alternative business models that are emerging and growing market share. Ongoing updates into status, progress, challenges, ownership and partners.


Blogs and Webinars

Learn more about our latest research with our free webinars:
How to make money in New Energy #6

If you would like a copy of the slides,
please contact Jenny Carson.

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Lifestyle Products

If you would like a copy of the slides,
please contact Jenny Carson.

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Efficient Consumption 

If you would like a copy of the slides,
please contact Jenny Carson.

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Energy as a Service

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Time-of-Use optimisation

Slides / Recording

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Marketplace operations

Slides / Recording



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