Heat Insight Service

Digitalisation and connectivity are changing the way people buy, use and pay for their heating systems. This in turn is changing the competitive landscape of the residential heating market. Delta-ee’s Heat Insight Service helps subscribers to understand these changes in the UK, with critical insights from both end users and the supply chain.

How does this research help subscribers?

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Understand and navigate emerging opportunities and threats in the residential heating market
Develop the best product and service offerings for different customer groups
Offer effective support to installers
Devise impactful policies for the decarbonisation of heat

Who can this research help?

This research can help a wide range of industry stakeholders, including but not limited to:
his product manufacturers
Product Manufacturers
his technology developers
Technology Developers
his energy suppliers
Energy Suppliers
his network operators
Network Operators
his service providers
Service Providers
his policy makers
Policy Makers

The Deliverables

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Download our most recent research plan to find out more about our upcoming topics.
Delta-ee's assessment of key industry developments
Concise reports on key industry questions
Primary research with customers and installers
Tailored support and assistance from the Delta-ee team
What makes the research unique? 


Unbiased, rigorous and relevant research
Based on primary research with customers, installers and our network of key stakeholders across the supply chain
Leveraging expertise from Delta-ee's heat, digital and business model research services
Rolling research programme driven by subscriber interest

Find out more

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If you'd like to know more about Delta-ee's Heat Insight Service, contact the team:
Roxanne Pieterse

Roxanne Pieterse


Roxanne is responsible for Delta-ee’s Heat Insight Service, helping clients understand customers and technologies in the UK heating market. She has also provided support on a number of consulting projects. Roxanne is based in our Cambridge Office.

Prior to joining Delta-ee, Roxanne worked as a sustainability consultant in South Africa, where she was involved in projects including life cycle assessments, climate change policy analysis and carbon disclosure reporting. Roxanne holds an MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development (distinction) from the University of Cambridge and a BSc(Eng) in Chemical Engineering (distinction) from the University of Cape Town.

+44 (0)1223 800 303

Roxanne Pieterse
David Trevithick

David Trevithick

Principal Analyst

David joined Delta-ee in 2017 and manages the Customer Data Value advisory service, which helps our clients navigate this complex and dynamic area to become more customer centric.  He is focused on helping energy businesses identify how customer understanding and data can drive positive change and value. David is a specialist in consumer insight and data, and its application to business intelligence, proposition development, customer experience and marketing strategy.

He draws from experience in multiple sectors, including most recently 5 years at Centrica as a consumer insight lead, adding significant value to customer and business alike. David holds an MBA with distinction from the Bradford University School of Management.

+44 (0)7951 013 659

David Trevithick

Gaomin Liu


Gaomin works as an analyst in Delta-ee’s Cambridge Office. She provides support to a wide range of services, but primarily focuses on Heat Insight Service, helping clients gain better understanding of UK heating market. She also has expertise in new business models of peer-to-peer energy and market flexibility in UK.

Gaomin holds MPhil in Engineering for Sustainable Development from the University of Cambridge as well as MEng in Environmental Engineering from the University of Melbourne. She also holds two bachelor’s degrees in engineering from Tongji University in China and Monash University in Australia.

Fun Facts: Gaomin likes gathering interesting but little-known things such as ‘One mosquito has 22 teeth’, ‘Otters holds hands whilst sleeping so they do not drift away from one another’.

+44 (0)1223 781 609

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