Gas Heating Service

Micro-CHP, fuel cells, gas heat pumps, hybrids and other high-efficiency gas heating systems

Who can this research help and how?

This research can help a wide range of industry stakeholders, including but not limited to:

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Network operators

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Service Providers

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Gas Suppliers

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Product Manufacturers 

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Component Suppliers

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Technology Developers


Energy Suppliers


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Policy Makers

Subscriber benefits

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and rigorous, relevant and to-the point research


from our network of key stakeholders across the value chains, in Europe and beyond.

Wealth of insight:

Over 14 years of involvement in this space

Analyst access:

A relationship-based service - our analysts help you maximise the value of the research.

Cost effectiveness:

Access to hundreds of thousands of Euros of research for a fraction of the cost.

What makes the research unique?
Over 14 years of experience researching micro-CHP, gas driven heat pumps, hybrid heat pumps and other high efficiency, low-carbon, gas-based heating systems.

The deliverables

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Rolling research programme examining key issues, driven by subscriber interest
Country reports, infobases and case studies
Regular to-the-point reports, providing cutting-edge insight:
Viewpoints: our assessment and opinion on key industry developments
Market Insights: Evidence-based views on key issues in the industry
Focus Reports: Concise, to the point reports on key industry questions
In-Depth Reports: Detailed key assessments of key opportunities, challenges and topics
Tailored support and assistance

Find out more

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NZEB Highlights - Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings:
The future of heat pumps and micro-CHP in European new-build markets.
Piecing Together the Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings (NZEB) Puzzle
Heating technology eligibility in new build dwellings: Micro-CHP
How much are householders really willing to pay for micro-CHP in Europe? Download

Beyond the boiler: how is the future for gas-based heating emerging today?

The condensing boiler as a standalone product is unlikely to be the end point for gas-based heating in buildings. Find out more about new customer propositions and business models.

Questions and comments

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'Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings' - what heating technologies will make the cut?
This new webinar gives a multi-disciplinary insight into the hot topic of 'Nearly Zero Energy Building' regulations.


Q&A session

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From Zero to Hero: will 'Nearly-Zero Energy Building' regulations catalyse change post 2021?
This webinar gives a multi-disciplinary insight into the hot topic of 'Nearly-Zero Energy Building' regulations.


Q&A session

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How much are people really willing to pay for micro-CHP?
In this webinar we present key findings from a piece of work in which we looked at how much householders in Germany, the UK and the Netherlands are willing to pay for a micro-CHP unit in their home.


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