Electric Vehicles & Electricity

Multi-Client Studies to help clients understand the relationship between electric vehicles and electricity, and their impact on the energy space going forward.

Why Electric Vehicles?


Electric Vehicles will quickly become a part of the energy landscape, and our expertise in this area can help us fulfil our mission to help companies successfully make the transition to 'new energy'.

What's available?


We are offering two multi-client studies on different aspects of the Electric Vehicle - Electricity interface:

Retailing Electricity and Services to Electric Vehicle Customers


How Will Customers Charge Electric Vehicles?

These will be delivered to subscribers between January and April.

The research

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Retailing Electricity and Services to
Electric Vehicle Customers


The Challenge

  • Electrification of transport will result in large increases in customers' electricity demand.
  • There will be distinctive patterns in the timing, size and location of demand (or even export) across different market segments (such as B2C and B2B).
  • Value can be created from service provision, flexibility and infrastructure - as well as commodity sales and contributions to the core business.
  • This results in large opportunities to grab this wide-open space – but also large threat to incumbents from new players.
  • How should electricity retailers and others seeking to capture these opportunities respond?


This Multi-Client Study will help you to:

  • Understand the actions and strategies of electricity retailers and others across Europe in this area – market intelligence.
  • Segment the range of strategies and tactics being pursued in the market by different types of companies.
  • Learn lessons from early movers in the market.

This study focuses on the European market.

How Will Customers Charge
Electric Vehicles?


The Challenge

  • There will be rapid uptake of electric vehicles in the next 5-10 years – with developments in battery technology and emergence of rapid charging.
  • Current charging patterns and habits will not be a good indicator of the future.
  • There are very different views on the future charging mix.
  • Uncertainty on the future charging mix means there is huge uncertainty on the impact on electricity networks, electricity markets, and on charging infrastructure business models.




This Multi-Client Study will help you to:

  • Reduce the level of uncertainty.
  • Challenge and test your assumptions.
  • Develop the right strategy.

This study focuses on the UK market.


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Those who purchase one of the Electric Vehicles & Electricity Multi-Client Studies will receive:

A report comprising key findings, executive summary, the main report and annexes

Webinars to present and discuss the results

A one-to-one discussion with the Delta-ee team on the study findings

An optional on-site workshop


The intersection between electric vehicles and electricity -
opportunities and threats

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 February 2018

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For further information or to place an order contact Andy Bradley, Director of Business Development on +44 131 476 4259 or via andy.bradley@delta-ee.com.

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