Electrification of Heat Service

Heat pumps, electric heating and the interface between heat and electricity

The Electrification of Heat Service provides:
  • In-depth, up to date insight into HP & electric heating technology, policy, market & business model evolution
  • Robust market forecasts based on expert knowledge of the whole European electric heating sector
  • Strategic recommendations on where the market opportunities are & how to capture them

For further information, contact Felicity Tolley via email or on +44 (0)131 285 1759.

download medium  Nearly-Zero Energy Buildings: The future of heat pumps and micro-CHP in European new-build markets.Download the highlights from our NZEB report series here.
download medium Piecing Together the Nearly-Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Puzzle. Heating technology eligibility in new build dwellings: Heat Pumps. Download our Whitepaper here.
download medium  2nd Utilities and Heat Pumps Roundtable, February 2014. 40 delegates from Europe’s leading utilities, major heat pump manufacturers, and selected key stakeholders, met to explore how the heat pump market will develop and resulting synergies with energy markets. Download a summary report here.
download medium Why energy companies will need smart heat pumps - the signs are that ‘smart’ will be an important part of heat pumps’ future. Europe’s top five energy companies, plus several others are already engaging in smart projects involving heat pumps. We provide some case studies in this free Whitepaper.
download medium Domestic Hot Water Heat Pumps - This report forecasts a doubling in the market size for DHW HPs by 2017, particularly driven by the electric water heater replacement market and oil boiler upgrade market. France will continue to be the biggest market, but we expect opportunities to grow in several other markets.
download medium

European Heat Pump Best Practice Guide - Delta-ee, in association with the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA), have launched a new Guide that showcases European best practice to build successful and sustainable heat pump markets.  The Guide is aimed at all stakeholders inside and outside the heat pump industry, helping them to implement five guiding principles which establish solid foundations for long term sustainable growth and maximise the market opportunities for heat pumps.

download medium Gas heat pumps could play a major role in the residential heating market in the future. New in depth research on gas heat pumps by Delta-ee, which analyses the current market and outlook for residential scale gas heat pumps in Europe, indicates that the best potential for gas heat pumps lies in markets such as the UK, The Netherlands, Germany, France and Italy.
download medium Technology Innovation: Hybrid Heat Pumps - Now available for purchase. The 53 page report helps you understand the latest product developments, market status, trends, economics and future prospects for hybrid heat pumps in Europe.  It addresses questions including:  which applications and market sectors are hybrids suited to? Which country markets, and which system configurations offer the best hybrid opportunities? How big will the future European market be?  The report also includes detailed information for 16 hybrid products from 9 manufacturing groups
download medium Smart Grids Create New Opportunities for Heat Pumps: in this article published in the REHVA journal, we explore the new business opportunities emerging to capture value through smart operation of heat pumps and other assets on the demand side.
download medium Gas Driven Heat Pumps - this White Paper paper explores the prospects for residential gas heat pumps in the UK in the next five years. It summarises the types of product that are coming onto the market and the outlook for this exciting technology.
download medium 1st Utilities and Heat Pumps Roundtable, November 2012.  Attended by many leading utilities, manufacturers and European institutions, there was extensive debate on 'smart', hybrids and gas heat pumps. See Roundtable webpage for details.



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