Electrification of Heat Service

Heat pumps, electric heating and the interface between heat and electricity

How does this research help you?

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Insight into market and business opportunities created by the electrification of heat

Ensures you don't miss any important policy or technology developments affecting your business
Gives you access to experts that can support you as an extension of your own team
Gets you external and independent opinion on the expected market evolution to inform your strategy planning
Identifies the sweet spots you can target in the market
Provides inspiration on business models you can develop to capture opportunities

Who can this research help and how?

This research can help a wide range of industry stakeholders, including but not limited to:


Heat Pumps & Heating Industry
Electricity system stakeholders


Energy Suppliers
  • Understand the values and opportunities emerging from the electrification of heat
  • Develop the best market, product and partnership strategies for heating markets
  • Identify the right business models to take advantage of the growing need for flexibility in the electricity system
  • Understand how heat markets are evolving and the potential of heat as a low cost source of flexibility
  • Develop the best strategy and tactics to benefit from the electrification of heat
  • Identify the products and partners required to capture low cost sources of flexibility
  • Understand how to take advantage of incumbent market positions in electricity and heat
  • Develop the best strategy and tactics to benefit from the electrification of heat
  • Identify the best market and business opportunities across Europe

What does the service provide?

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Download the service brochure to find out more about the deliverables in more detail.



In-depth, up to date insight into HP & electric heating technology, policy, market & business model evolution


Robust market forecasts based on expert knowledge of the whole European electric heating sector


Strategic recommendations on where the market opportunities are & how to capture them

What makes the research unique? Our deep understanding of heat pumps, electric heating and the demand side electricity system, and players across the value chain.


View our current research programme:

EHS programme 2018

Find out more

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If you'd like to know more about Delta-ee's Electrification of Heat Service, contact the team:
Cate Lyon

Cate Lyon

Service Manager

Cate’s main research & consultancy focus areas at Delta-ee include the Gas Heating Service, Electrification of Heat Service, and UK / European microgeneration market analysis. Before joining Delta-ee, Cate worked at the Energy Saving Trust, where she spent 6 years working in domestic energy efficiency and microgeneration, and renewable energy more widely, across the UK and in Scotland. 

Cate brings extensive knowledge of domestic energy use and householder behaviour and is experienced in database management, data analysis, report writing and market analysis. She holds a BSc (Hons) in Zoology from the University of St. Andrews.

+44 (0)131 625 3338

Cate Lyon
Robert Bloom

Robert Bloom



Rob is an analyst at Delta-ee’s Cambridge office. His primary role is to support the Electrification of Heat and Gas Heating Services in a wide range of research projects. He brings a background in hydrogen production and chemical engineering.

Rob holds a PhD in engineering from University of Leeds. His thesis explored the use of alternative catalyst geometries and chemical looping technology to aid in the reduction of carbon emissions and improve the efficiency of hydrogen production.

He also holds an MSc (Hons) in Low Carbon Technology and an MEng (Hons) in Chemical Engineering both from the University of Leeds.

+44 (0)1223 800 301


Robert Bloom
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