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Global market insight and expertise on trends towards Distributed Power

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Know your future markets and how to win
Distributed power markets are set for strong global growth. This research answers critical questions and helps you make the best decisions for your organisation.

Which countries globally have the best market opportunities?

How many units can we sell into new markets?

How is the competitive landscape evolving?

Where are the gaps in the market for new products?

How can manufacturers enter new markets?

What are the service deliverables?

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In-depth country reports

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Market sizing | Projections to 2022 | Policy insight | Spark spread analysis | Macroeconomic trends

Regional & Global Market Statistics:

Quarterly Briefing

Six Global Regions | Data segmented by size band | Projections to 2022 | Total Global Market Sizing

Subscriber Support & Market Intelligence:

Customer Insight

Ad-hoc questions | Additional support | Advice | Market alerts

We have a 20 year global track record and are embedded in the industry with a global network of contacts. Our extensive database has been built up and developed over many years of research and consulting work. We use an evidence-based approach: more science, less art. Our underlying assumptions are transparent and confidence levels highlighted.



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