Digital Customer Engagement Service

Insight into the digitalisation of the energy customer relationship

Winners in 'new energy' will adapt to their customers' expectations, increasingly using a variety of digital tools, techniques and insights to drive customer value.

The Digital Customer Engagement Service provides research across Europe on leading industry practices and opportunities to drive digital engagement amongst residential customers. It provides hard-to-get insight into digital energy customer engagement initiatives in the European energy supply industry and proprietary data on take-up of tools, techniques and services.

The service provides an independent analysis of tools, techniques and services, and customer research across several markets to understand changing needs.

The research focuses on: energy consumption insights, monetising smart meter data, innovation in customer service, energy insights vendor profiling, behavioural science in energy, demand disaggregation, consumer perceptions of digital engagement propositions, AI in customer engagement and customer engagement benchmarking.

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The research service will benefit energy companies developing digital engagement strategies and services for residential customers. The service is designed for decision-makers in Digital, Product and Innovation teams, but is highly relevant for Strategy, Customer Experience, Insight and Marketing.

The research will enable energy companies to engage with their customers, driving:

  • Improved Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Higher retention rates
  • Reduced cost to serve
  • Better cross-sell and upsell

The research includes market data and insights, customer data and insight, research on key issues, independent comparative analysis of vendors, case study library and support from our team of experts.

Make the right strategic decisions

Understand and benchmark how companies generate value from energy customer and data

Identify and exploit business opportunities

Navigate the complexity and extract deep insight into the critical factors shaping these opportunities

Direct tactical decision making to help reduce costs, and increase revenue and customer value

Keep on top of new developments

Build authority as an internal expert

Free up time and focus internal resource to maximise its value to the business


David Trevithick

David Trevithick

Service Manager

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