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Corporate Social Responsibility

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At Delta-EE, we care a lot about the environment. We care about it so much, it's even in our company name!

That's why, in amongst the hustle and bustle of every day business, we make sure we find the time to engage with our surroundings, do our best to 'be green', and help out our local communities. We're really keen to make a positive difference.

As well as running 'green' initiatives within the office, our staff can take 2 days per year for CSR purposes.

It's up to them how they use it: speaking in schools, cleaning up woodland, or lending a hand at a local foodbank.

The Green Team

Delta-EE’s Green Team meets regularly to discuss the things we can do in the workplace to make sure we’re as environmentally friendly as we can be.

In the last few months we have already added another recycling bin to our collection, offset the carbon footprint caused by our business travel by purchasing carbon credits, and ensured all our tea and coffee supplies are bought from a sustainable supplier!

We've also organised group volunteering days, to encourage staff members to take part in environment and community friendly initiatives.

plan vivo

We offset all our company travel by purchasing carbon credits from Plan Vivo. These go towards the Trees of Hope project in Malawi.

If you'd like to know more about what we've been getting up to, get in touch.