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Helping you succeed with your customer data and insight strategy

How does it work?

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The Customer Data Value advisory service is an annual subscription energy research and advisory service.

It is Europe’s leading non-biased source of knowledge to help energy clients become more customer-centric and data driven.

We achieve this by developing our clients’ understanding of consumer needs and how to address them using data and insight,
to unlock value for both customers and their business.

Who is this research for?

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If your company is asking these sorts of questions, we can help:

How do we compare to competitors in generating value for our customers and business?

What are the best strategies to develop customer engagement?

Should we build internal capacity, or out-source our data analytics requirements?

How do we extract greater value from the customer data we have?

How do we keep ahead of rapidly changing customer needs and data opportunities?

The scope of the research:


How companies use their consumer understanding and data assets to generate value, in energy, heating and other industry verticals which can be applied to energy


Insight and updates into the activities of other energy players and their customer data and data driven propositions


Benchmarks the energy data specialists and their solutions tailored to energy companies


Provides filtered information and insights on how the trends in big data influence the decisions energy companies have to make with customer data


Gives you expert knowledge and recommendations on important, complex and evolving topics related to energy customer data


Supports you with answers to your questions via a team of experts

Customer Data Value Advisory Framework


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How will this research help you?

Make the right strategic decisions

Understand and benchmark how companies generate value from energy customer and data

Identify and exploit business opportunities

Navigate the complexity and extract deep insight into the critical factors shaping these opportunities

Direct tactical decision making to help reduce costs, and increase revenue and customer value

Keep on top of new developments

Build authority as an internal expert

Free up time and focus internal resource to maximise its value to the business


Find out more

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If you would like to find out more about the service, contact the team:
David Trevithick

David Trevithick

Service Manager

David joined Delta-ee in 2017 and manages the Customer Data Value advisory service, which helps our clients navigate this complex and dynamic area to become more customer centric.  He is focused on helping energy businesses identify how customer understanding and data can drive positive change and value. David is a specialist in consumer insight and data, and its application to business intelligence, proposition development, customer experience and marketing strategy.

He draws from experience in multiple sectors, including most recently 5 years at Centrica as a consumer insight lead, adding significant value to customer and business alike. David holds an MBA with distinction from the Bradford University School of Management.

+44 (0)7951 013 659

David Trevithick

Mikkel Johansen


Mikkel supports a wide range of services, but mainly focuses on connected home services and customer data value. Prior to joining Delta-ee, Mikkel worked with community energy consulting, providing expertise on legislative barriers to entry, for renewable projects.

He also has expertise in measuring how political legislation can impact growth of renewable energy, as well as using social media for pre-emptive analysis of customer behaviour.

Mikkel holds an MSc (Merit) in Ecological Economics from the University of Edinburgh in addition to an BA (Hons) in Business Management with Human Resources from Edinburgh Napier University.

Fun fact: Mikkel has never lived in the same country for more than 4 years at a time.

+44 (0)131 659 9141

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