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The latest updates on our research and events

Talking New Energy: The e-mobility squares of the chessboard
Apr 1st 2020
Talking New Energy: Virtual power plants (VPP) in Australia
Apr 1st 2020
COVID-19 and the effects on energy storage
Mar 19th 2020
Talking New Energy: blockchain's role in the energy transition
Mar 16th 2020
Delta-EE responds to UK Budget announcement
Mar 12th 2020
Pre-registration for The Delta-EE New Energy Summit 2020
Mar 10th 2020
Register for the European Market Monitor on Energy Storage webinar
Mar 10th 2020
Attending 5ème Journée de la Pompe à Chaleur J5PAC
Mar 10th 2020
Attending Data Centre World
Mar 9th 2020
DSOs and communities: the next disruptors?
Mar 3rd 2020
Second-life batteries: Delta-EE discusses in PV Magazine
Feb 27th 2020
Delta-EE attending 90th Geneva International Motor Show
Feb 26th 2020

Our Blog

Recent posts from our research experts

The dilemma facing blockchain in energy
by Neil Atterbury
Covid-19: implications for new energy
by Andy Bradley
Takeaways from Data Centre World and how the increase in data processing will impact the energy transition
by Nerea Martinez
The electrification of heat in The Netherlands: new build vs retrofit
by Lindsay Sugden
The benefits of energy insights for customers and companies
by Kathryn Black
The importance of equality and boundaries in local energy systems
by Lucinda Murley
Is the coronavirus a threat to the new energy transition?
Rebutting some of the myths and challenges about air/air heat pumps in the heating market
by Lindsay Sugden
The murky world of flexibility platforms
by Laura Glover
Black Start in the world of 'new energy': how to recover the energy system when coal is a thing of the past
by Jeremy Harrison
How quickly will demand side flexibility become business as usual for European DSOs?
by Matthew Myers
Customer interest in peer to peer trading is growing, with an increasing number of players in the market
by Alix Weil

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Delta-EE is a rapidly growing research and consulting company.

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