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Flexibility Market Infobase available to download
May 24th 2018
European Heat Summit places are filling up - register now to confirm your place
May 21st 2018
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May 16th 2018
Watch the latest webinar from the EVs & Electricity Research Service
May 15th 2018
How to make money from smart meter data
May 14th 2018
Investing in Europe's District Heating and Cooling Assets
May 14th 2018
Global Energy Storage Opportunity 2018 available for download
May 10th 2018
Find out what we think about "the distributed, democratic, flexible energy market"
May 9th 2018
Read our Refrigerants Roundup
May 9th 2018
Global Micro-CHP Market Statistics published
May 4th 2018
Energy storage: hype or hope?
May 3rd 2018
'New Energy' Business Models: The Digest
May 2nd 2018

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In-depth discussions on heat: Micro-CHP and High Efficiency Gas, and the Electrification of Heat
by Felicity Tolley
Emotional factors play an increasingly important part in customer engagement
by David Trevithick
Will Behind-the-Meter Flexibility Be A Defining Characteristic of ’New Energy’ Suppliers?
by Philippa Hardy
Understanding the EV customer
by Jon Slowe
Electric Vehicle event suggests a lack of customer focus
by Jon Slowe
Is consolidation the key to growth in the European heat pump market? Our take on the Stiebel Eltron Thermia acquisition
by Felicity Tolley
Can one company boost the UK's interest in heat pumps? E.ON’s The Big Dip campaign is making a splash.
by Felicity Tolley
Edinburgh Science Festival's 'Ecoville' shows a snapshot of a low carbon future
by Kathryn Black
What’s hot from Mostra MCE?
by Andy Bradley
My top 3 micro-CHP related observations from the Fuel Cell Expo
by Steven Ashurst
With a sizeable prize up for grabs, the battle for EV customers begins
by William Van Der Byl
Are the most exciting new energy business model trends too good to be true?
by Jenny Carson

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