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New Energy in Japan and Lessons from Europe
Mar 15th 2018
'New Energy' Business Model team to speak at All Energy 2018
Mar 14th 2018
Join us for the European Heat Summit in Berlin this June
Mar 14th 2018
Electrification of Heat Service expands its case study library
Mar 14th 2018
Connected Home Service publishes new report on Internet Connected TRVs
Mar 13th 2018
We're attending World Smart Energy Week 2018 in Japan
Feb 28th 2018
What are the challenges and opportunities facing flexibility?
Feb 21st 2018
Recent research suggests bundled business models are the future
Feb 21st 2018
Delta-ee probing the Japanese energy market
Feb 20th 2018
Download the latest insights on 'new energy' business models
Feb 19th 2018
Catch up on our latest EVs webinar
Feb 19th 2018
Energy storage team to speak at Energetika 2018
Feb 15th 2018

About Delta-ee

Delta-ee is a rapidly growing research and consultancy company.

We are positioned at the heart of the transformation of energy markets to a more distributed, customer centric, low carbon future, and we are increasingly recognised as the leading European provider of independent expertise in our marketplace.

Careers at Delta-ee

At Delta-ee, we promote a positive office culture. We believe that work should be as enjoyable as possible, and our culture is informal and innovative.

We recognise that our staff are fundamental to the success of our business and their intellect, curiosity and personality is never taken for granted. Each member of the team has professional freedom, rapidly growing levels of responsibility, and the opportunity to directly link their efforts with both the company’s performance and their own rewards.

If you would like to become part of our team please find out more on our careers page.

Carbon Offsetting

Plan Vivo - carbon offsettingDelta-ee are proud purchasers of carbon credits.

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