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Our recent activities

New Whitepaper - Why is the Connected Home market taking off through energy in Europe?
Published on Thursday, 26 May 2016
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Download the latest Whitepaper from our Connected Homes team.  This Whitepaper includes extracts and highlights from our research about how the connected home market is growing rapidly in Europe through energy - but non-energy players want a share. Read the Whitepaper here. To learn more about how the connected home market is progressing, or enquire about subscribing to the Connected Homes Service, email Arthur Jouannic.

Free Webinar - The battleground for flexibility: How technical innovations and business models are shaping the demand response market
Published on Thursday, 19 May 2016
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Join us for the first in a two-part webinar series focusing on demand response. Part 1, taking place on Tuesday 7th June, will explore demand response in commercial buildings, including: The battleground for flexibility today – How is the market developing and where do you fit? Technical innovations in demand response – What’s new? Commercial propositions and business model innovations – Who’s got the competitive edge? The future demand response market – what will it look like and what should you do? Click here to register.

Free Webinar - Opportunities in the UK heating market: Delta-ee gives its take on the year ahead
Published on Tuesday, 17 May 2016
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The next event in our series of free webinars will be held on Thursday 2nd June 2016. Our Heat Insight Service team will discuss opportunities in the UK heating market, and will give our taken on the year ahead. We will discuss why new heating controls could be the key to unlocking installer engagement; the growing role of flexibility and finance in disrupting the status quo; what customers are telling us about where the opportunities lie; and how much value remains to be captured through non-product sales? Click here to register.

New Whitepaper - Piecing Together the Nearly - Zero Energy Building (NZEB) Puzzle: Heat Pumps
Published on Wednesday, 11 May 2016
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Download the latest Whitepaper from our Heat Pump Research Service team.  This paper discusses what heating sector stakeholders should do to maximise their opportunity under upcoming NZEB market conditions. Read the Whitepaper here. To find out more about the issues raised, or to enquire about subscribing to the Heat Pump Research Service, email Service Manager Lukas Bergmann.

Free Webinar - Connected Home Service - How is connectivity disrupting the multi-billion Euro heating appliance market?
Published on Tuesday, 10 May 2016
delta ee connected.home

We are hosting a free webinar on Monday 30th May 2016, combining our expertise in the heating and the connected home areas to demonstrate how the heating appliance market is disrupted by connectivity. This free webinar will be exploring some of the battles between heating appliance manufacturers and smart control providers, who compete in different aspects of connected heating appliances, including: 1- Connected controls; 2- Remote diagnostics; 3- Integrated connected heating appliance and room controls; 4- Integrated energy system control, using multiple sources of heat and energy; 5- Demand response; and 6- Additional services using heating data insights. Click here to register.

Watch our Energy Storage Webinar - What's the reality behind the hype?
Published on Thursday, 28 April 2016
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There’s a lot of excitement (and hype) about energy storage in the market today. Despite this buzz, we are yet to see 'behind-the-meter' solutions such as PV + Battery Storage break out outside of Germany and move beyond the niche segment of early adopter homeowners.  Delta-ee's Energy Storage Research Service broadcast a webinar on 4th May 2016, examining the current state of the market for PV + Battery solutions from across Europe. We highlighted the different ways to create a compelling customer proposition, some of the most interesting deployment models being used, and what needs to happen to create a platform for long-term growth. Watch the webinar recording on our YouTube channel here. If you would like a copy of the slides, email Julian Jansen.


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